• Inflatable Kayaks

    3 simple reasons why you should get one

  • Reason #1

    It's less expensive

    I mean seriously, there's no better reason than this. Why spend more money on something when you can get something even better for less money?

    Inflatable kayaks are just as good as regular ones, also known as hard shell kayaks. You probably think I'm lying, but I'm actually telling you the truth here. With today's technology it shouldn't really be a surprise. I mean, there's actually REAL hovercrafts out there, so why would it be impossible to create an inflatable kayak that's as good as a hard shell?


    It's not, but there will of course be some exceptions. The more money you will spend on an inflatable kayak, the more it will behave like a hard shell kayak. But that doesn't mean cheaper inflatable kayaks suck, they just behave differently.


    You can get an inflatable kayak for $100 and have waaaay more fun than you would have with a $1,000 hardshell kayak.

  • Reason #2

    Easier to carry

    Does this look comfortable to you?

    Come on, stop kidding yourself. A regular kayak is almost near impossible to carry with you unless you have a car. Even if you own a car you need a way to attach it to your roof, otherwise you're out of luck. Are you seriously going to go those 5 kilometers to the beach carrying that large bucket on your head? Come on!

    See ya later!

    You see this picture to the right here? That will be your view when I pass you by on my bicycle, carrying my 14 feet kayak on my backpack.


    The amount of effort I put into getting to the beach with my inflatable kayak? Exactly 101 revolutions on both of my wheels.


    The amount of effort your put in? First you had to warm up, because you knew that you're going to carry a large brick over your head. Then you remember you have no place for the kayak, neither in the car or anywhere else. So you're forced to pack a tent and some food, because the trip down to the lake is about to turn into a full blown hiking journey. Trust me.

  • Reason #3

    Storing it is way easier

    So the last reason, what is it? It's all about storage, that storage. Let's say you do have billions of dollars and can afford the buy the most luxurious high end kayak there is, but you live in an apartment in New York.


    What are you going to do? Have it in your living room? There's just no way you can have a large hard shell kayak in your home unless you have a spare garage or storage shed. That's where my inflatable kayak comes in, guess where I store it? I store it underneath my bed.

    Yeah, it's really that easy.

  • Need more evidence?

    Still not convinced inflatable kayaks are the best? Mail me and I'll convince you.